Cuddly Parent Hacks - Series 1

Hi there Cuddly parents,

We understand that its not easy being a parent; with all the sleepless nights, crying baby, spillovers, diaper disasters and what not. But worry no more because we're here to teach you a trick or two to make parenting easier for you. Keep reading to be a pro parent! ;)


HACK #1 - Make breastfeeding easy with this pillow

Breastfeeding Pillow is designed specifically for nursing moms. The firm surface features a contoured foam edge design that helps baby turn towards mom for an easier latch and more comfortable nursing. The wide arm design fits most moms and the removable belt keeps baby snug against your body during breastfeeding.


HACK #2 - High chair, everywhere!

We all want products and services that make life easier! This portable high chair is perfect for the family on-the-go. It will make travel, camping, picnics, and trips to grandma’s house more convenient.


HACK #3 - Babyproof your furniture!

Pool noodles make a surprisingly effective way to babyproof a coffee table. All you need is a floating pool needle. Just cut it to the length of the table and cut a slit along the entire tube. Insert the table's side in the slit and you're done! If your baby can take it off secure it with a little tape.


HACK #4 - Turn any cup into a sippy cup

Sippy Cup

Instead of buying sippy cups all the time, get a couple of silicone caps, which turn any cup into a sippy cup.


HACK #5 - Cutting nails

The best time to cut your baby’s nails is twenty minutes after they’ve fallen asleep. Your baby will be in a deep sleep, and you will be able to trim their nails without any squirming.

We hope you found these useful. Come back here next week, to check out some more hacks! 

Until then, 
Happy Parenting!


Team Cuddly Cubs